August 4 - August 12, 2001
Day 3 (Knott's Berry Farm)
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Montezooma's Revenge - Passengers are catapulted from 0 to 80mph in 4 seconds, then through a loop.
Straight up (2nd pic) they are halted by gravity and then cars hurtle backwards at about 60 mph through
the loading platform on the left and on to vertical again.  Gravity again slows the cars and the passengers
are braked at the loading dock.  Entire ride: 32 seconds.  NOT scary.  Thrilling.
I rode it maybe 5 times in 1975, ONCE in 2001.  Michael went haywire and rode it 3 times by himself.

Contemplation                            ANOTHER queue                       See empty seat? - I'm chicken

                                                      My excuse: 230 lb weight limit

256 feet, straight up - "Supreme Scream", which M rode 4 times...ALONE

                                                                                                4th pair of soles to your right are Michael's
M in seat #4
"Boomerang" beginning M upside-down
Michael is in every one of these shots - he rode this turkey 4 times

Michael on Montezooma in reverse at 60mph - his 3rd visit

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