August 4 - August 12, 2001
Day 4 (Universal Studios and not much fun)
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                                                      Mummy?                                      Reflection                                    REALLY scared!         
Universal Studios was pretty much a bust: 6 hours/5 rides, loooong lines, including the line we waited
in for "Return of the Mummy".  45 minutes in the HEAT for a stinking boring walk-through.
Compare this to Knott's Berry Farm where Michael rode 18 rides in the same amount of time...
Alfred Hitchcock's bungalow

Styrofoam sets                                                                                  "Jurassic Park" vehicle

Log Ride                                      Artificial flood                            Jaws                                             Billboard

Bates Motel Sign                       "Psycho" house                         O.K. ride                                      Been here 6 hours for 5 rides

4 looong escalators                   "Backdraft"

"Mummy" facade...we waited in the heat 45 minutes for this boring walk-through

Finally on our way home

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