Furbulate: (PHIR-beu-lĘt) v., adv., adj., n., whatever [E. <after its inventor, F. Flatus Furble, 1832-1794, akin to ME. qwerty or lmno]  What it is what it is.  Say what?  Dude, it's like you know, like a word or something - Know what I mean?  That be what's happenin'.  Check it out what it is.  Right on.  WO dude.

1.(verb) Your child is picking his/her/its nose and then consuming the proceeds.
"Stop furbulating, or else"!  Works every time.  Trust me.
2.(adverb) Figure this one out yourself. (Furbulatedly?)
3.(adjective) Notice how furbulated our web site is?
4.(noun) "Golly butter, Martha!  Look at all them furbulates".
5.(gerund) A gerund is a verb masquerading as a noun, as in "Felicia Philpot's furbulating frustrated Fred Furkward, a formerly fraudulent and philanthropic phrenologist.



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